Despite new and emerging methods of communication, email remains the top communications tool for businesses. It is no wonder cyber criminals still use email as a primary channel through which to wage their attacks. In addition to dealing with these risks, organizations also must be wary of confidential information going out the door – either accidentally or intentionally. These events can result in monetary loss, compliance violations and/or brand damage.

Take the complexities out of protecting against malicious email attacks and ensuring confidential information remains secure with Trustwave Secure Email Gateway. It delivers unmatched email security for organizations of all sizes through a single, scalable solution that comes outfitted with advanced protection against modern threats, powerful policy configuration and in-depth data security and compliance management. With Trustwave Secure Email Gateway, you get superior email security and a whole lot more.

Complete email security requires visibility of all blended attack vectors coupled with granular policy and content controls – Trustwave Secure Email Gateway delivers all that and more.

Backed by our elite security research team, SpiderLabs, Trustwave Secure Email Gateway provides unmatched protection against advanced threats and comprehensive data protection controls to keep confidential information from leaving your organization and falling into the wrong hands.

Flexible deployment options: on-premise software or cloud

Protection against blended threats that use multiple vulnerabilities and methods to spread

Multi-layered anti-spam approach that maximizes effectiveness and minimizes false positives

Granular and flexible policy engine to meet all your needs

Powerful DLP protection to help achieve regulatory compliance and protect your intellectual property


●Threat Protection

●Data Loss Prevention

●Extensive Policy Controls

●Blended Threat Module

●Management and Reporting

●Email Governance Best Practices

Key components of messageway

●Secure, reliable, high-performance file transfer and integration.

●Immediate visibility and control to support regulatory and SLA compliance.

●Sophisticated workflows to stremline critical business interactions

●Itegration with existing infrastructures -no rip-and-replace required

●Transformation of files and messages

●Option for DIY - deploy, integrate, and upgrade yourself - no need for busload of consultants.