TalariaX sendQuick desires to reduce potential costly losses resulting from IT infrastructure downtime for esteemed organizations worldwide and has designed an SMS appliance gateway for IT alerts and notifications – the sendQuick Alert. See network diagram below.

Key Features

• Support email SMTP, SNMP Traps, Syslog messages for events and convert to SMS.

• 2-way with reminder and escalation SMS to ensure message acknowledgement.

• Fully compatible with all security, network, management devices.

• Network monitor (Ping) with SMS feature to ensure server availability.

• Message filter system (email, Syslog and SNMP) to send their important alerts to single and / or multiple users.

• Dual integration method: via email or HTTP Post for sending and receiving SMS.

• Built-in SMTP email gateway and email relay function to relay email alert messages and serves as a back- up email gateway.

• Optional add-on: Address Book and Shift Management; High Available (HA) Module; HTTPS (SSL); HTTP Delivery Module; Additional modems

Extensive Features

●Instant alert on SMS, reducing downtime

●SMS is delivered anytime, anywhere (even when you are overseas!)

●Get SMS reply from your support team for acknowledgement

●Selective SMS alert (with filter) for important events

●SMS is store & forward, with reliable delivery (network dependant)

●Integrate Email Archiving from MailArchiva

●Send multiple SMS for each alert to different people

●Support unlimited applications, devices and servers (good ROI)